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Raecke Schreiber GbR
Martin Raecke .NET Developer

Born 1965 - Dipl.-Ing. Power Engineering
Main areas of responsibility: Project planning and project management, business analyst, database design

Martin Raecke has been working as a database designer since 1996 in the SME sector. Nowadays, he is mostly responsible for business analysis, project planning and project management. In close collaboration with the customer he is analyzing and structuring business demands and domain logic in order to design a complex database system.

Very often Raecke is directly involved in creating the requirement specification and the functional specification before he builds the application architecture. His experiences as an engineer are helping him a lot in understanding the needs of the customer and the end user.

Another strength of Martin Raecke is certainly communication. In meetings with the customer he pools, structures and translates the sometimes unintelligible terms and the mode of thought of the programmers into comprehensible language.

Martin Raecke
Olaf Schreiber .NET Developer

Born 1967 - Software architect
Main areas of responsibility: Project management, application architecture, application development, outsourcing management

Olaf Schreiber has studied physics (but never worked in that area), works as a software developer since 1988, and started 1999 his first company with the focus on software development.

Schreiber is the software architect of the team. He makes sure that application architecture, framework and development environment remain state-of-the-art without following every new trend blindly.

It is important to him to be in direct contact with his customers and to be available at all times (almost - mind that he is in no way a workaholic) so that he can answer quickly to new demands, and the customer's work flow remains intact.

Now and then he is in India, working on offshore projects with local partners or giving lessons or training sessions in intercultural IT topics.


Olaf Schreiber
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