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Raecke Schreiber GbR
Software development, programming, consulting .NET Developer

For consulting services and software architecture we set a price of 90 €/h and 80 €/h for services in development performance. We generate requirement specifications: if projects are specified it is possible – in case they are qualified - to bill them based on a blanket offer.

Know How .NET Developer

Areas of expertise

Facility management
Cost calculation
Production planning and management based on internet
Competition management

Systems engineering and project management

System analytics
Generation of requirement specifications
Agile project management
Onshore and offshore outsourcing
Software development .NET Developer

  • AngularJS
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL Server, MS Access
  • (X)HTML, CSS
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • WCF, REST, SOAP. Webservices
  • WPF, Winforms, Silverlight
  • VB, VBA (MS Office)
  • php (all versions, migrations, setup)

Database development .NET Developer

MS SQL server (all versions)
MS access (all versions)
My SQL server (all versions)

Clean design
Optimization of performance

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